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Janyne Moore, Catablog

I was lucky enough to work with a young man, fresh out of university with a go get em’ attitude.

He started in radio, behind the scenes as a producer. His passion is health and fitness. He tried to convince management to give the green light for a radio show dedicated to improving people’s health. At first they didn’t listen. Then they did, but they didn’t want his help.

Undeterred Dayne Hudson set up his own youtube channel and started blogging at – that’s led to his own TV show being aired on Channel Ten and a regular segment on Sydney’s number one radio station 2GB.

Dayne Shoot 6303 - re doneDayne opens up about the highs and lows of following his dream…

** What did you set up first – the youtube channel or the website and how hard was it to get going?

“It was the youtube channel first…whoever I could get to hold the camera on the weekends, mum, brother, anyone, I’d just go ahead and do it. It wasn’t too difficult, the only tough part is coming up with the content!”

** You approached Foxtel with an idea for a TV show about FitNFlexed, how did you get your foot in the door to see the executives? 

“I asked for a meeting with one of them when I was still working at Radio 2GB. They basically tell you how difficult it is to get it off the ground, maybe even try to deter you a bit. When I assessed it, I remember thinking how hard it would be. Even my family was a bit standoffish…but they wanted a pilot.”

** You say you had to make a pilot episode .. describe for us how you went about getting that made and what sort of a budget you had to play with.

“Well the budget was whatever I could raise! It wasn’t huge but I managed to enlist Mass Nutrition, West End Mazda, Muscle Meals Direct, International Protein, and Plus Fitness gyms. There is no one better at selling your own product than you. You’d be amazed what you drum up when you’re passionate about something!”

** What happened once you showed it to Foxtel executives?

“They were impressed with the pilot, and said it was a lot better than what they expected, so off it went on the Aurora channel!”

** How did FitNFlexed end up on Channel Ten?

“I guess it’s always about trying to grow your business as much as possible. So I went about showing it to Ten. I told them it aired on Foxtel, but they didn’t worry too much. They said they were happy to air the first season again on their network. I was thrilled with this, as were my sponsors! They paid for Foxtel rates…but got airtime on a free to air network.

I guess that’s a good way to show your sponsors that you’re worth investing in and you mean business!”

** You’ve done 2 seasons of FitNFlexed, will there be another one and what else can we expect from FitNFlexed for 2015?

“I’m hoping I can get another one out yes, or I might even make the content for online magazines…I’m still not sure. There’s a lot up in the air at the moment.

The big thing for FITNFLEXED this year will be the articles via – and the diet plans I’ve spent 10 years testing and researching to put together. Very soon people will be able to buy them off me to learn how to lose weight, but more importantly KEEP IT OFF! I’ll also be offering plans for men and women looking to increase their muscle mass for a better physique too.”

** What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome and best advice you can give fellow bloggers?

The biggest hurdle is the start….you get 1000 knock backs….literally. You only need 5-6 companies to believe in you for a good start. If you’re passionate enough about something, people will see you believe in it and just get hooked. If you go into something for the money, or for any other reason, you most likely won’t stick it out.

It’s tough because people tell you at the start there’s no money in it, which there isn’t. But if you keep persevering, then you just never know what can come your way.

Just believe in yourself and your product, the rest should take care of itself!”

FitNFlexed is ranked in the top ten Health and Fitness blogs listed in Catablog. Check it out at


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