Blogging the Catwalk – The rise and rise of Fashion blogging

Bloggers have a lot in common. They have a passion. They blog about it. They strive to engage a loyal audience and often do, but only a select few are flown around the world to cover events they’re excited about. Dasha and Colin Gold, the husband and wife team behind are one of the official influencers for Melbourne Spring fashion Week, that’s on until Sunday. After that, they’re headed to London, Milan, and Paris where they have official accreditation to cover fashion weeks there.

So how does one blogger get picked over others to fly around the world to blog? Dasha gives us an insight into both her and Colin’s hard work and dedication that’s helped make TheTrendSpotter what it is today.

Q. You’ve been given the title of an official influencer for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week …why you? and what advice do you have for other bloggers with a similar goal?

A. We believe TheTrendSpotter was selected based on our previous fashion week coverage and editorial quality. We have a wide local and international audience. Our primary focus is on spotting and reporting on the runway trends in men and women’s wear and creating a greater awareness of local and international designers.

My advice for bloggers with a similar goal would be to start attending and covering the shows. When they have initial examples of their work as well as sufficient web and social media traffic, they can apply for media accreditation. They can also choose to write for another online magazine or a print publication to get the industry insights and experience.

Q. What preparation did you do in readiness to blog about this event?

A. We worked closely with MSFW to discuss what aspects of the festival we will be covering. We also briefed our photographers, videographers and writers with their schedules.

Q. You have a strong following … how long has it taken to capture your audience? How do you keep their attention?

A. We started TheTrendSpotter two years ago and focused on what we loved and did it with passion. At the start the traffic was not fantastic and the content was a bit all over the place, so we re-designed the website.

Colin is looking after the technical aspect of the website and photography, and I am looking after the content and art direction. Both play an important role in capturing and keeping the attention of the audience. I guess the most important thing is to love and enjoy what you do, to share your passion with the world and to focus on what you truly believe in. It is impossible to please everyone and we are not here to do that, we are here to share our excitement and enthusiasm with like-minded individuals all over the world.

Q. Take us back to the moment when you decided to leave your job and become a full time blogger?

A. Both Colin and I left our jobs to pursue our dreams. We did not want to wait for the dream job to come along, so instead we decided to create one. We started TheTrendSpotter while we had our full time jobs and it was tough to juggle both. We went from spending a couple of hours on the blog every day to spending nights and taking time off work to attend and cover events and fashion weeks. I decided to leave my full time job first and I still remember the feeling… it was incredible!

I love the excitement of not knowing what the future holds, an anticipation of amazing new adventures. I believe that if something is not working, I will always find another way. And I believe that life is short and if I do not try to live my dream now, I might not have a chance to do that in future.

Q. If you had to describe the monetary rewards for bloggers – would you say they are underpaid, overpaid or paid fairly?

A. It all depends on the traffic and the popularity and influence of the blog. A lot of bloggers are overpaid with gifts, underpaid with money and fairly paid with privileges.

Q. What’s your most rewarding blogger moment to date?

A. One of the most rewarding things about being a blogger is having an opportunity to inspire and to learn something new every day. Our fans and brands reward us with positive comments. Having the opportunity to travel, widen our horizons, and to live our lives as we want to is priceless.

It is rewarding to be recognized as the official influencers for this year’s MSFW and to be accredited for New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. There are so many rewards and every one of them is unique and special.

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