Mia Freedman Leaves Bad Taste in Mouths of Bloggers

At first I was puzzled by Mia Freedman’s statement that mummy blogs are almost over. Then I was annoyed.

The founder of Mamamia simply dismissed mummy bloggers (as she calls them – so outdated!) and niche websites as pretty much dead while talking up her latest business ideas.

I can’t deny Mia Freedman is successful and she has worked hard. I admire that.

But she should be acknowledging bloggers are still successful, engaging with growing audiences and diversifying to ensure they stay relevant.

The way I see it bloggers don’t just have a website anymore. They’re also on various social platforms, they’re podcasting, vlogging, they’re diversifying with e-books, workshops… you name it they’re trying it.

They’re media savvy – this week Caz and Craig from Y Travel Blog were interviewed by Channel Seven – their travel blog has over 4 million followers on Pinterest alone and that’s bringing massive new readers across to their website each month – but according to Mia Freedman niche sites are losing audiences.

EFTM – a blog about technology and cars – has doubled its blog audience in the last two years – but if you believe Mia Freedman EFTM should be losing audiences not gaining them.

I admire the work ethic of bloggers – they are willing to learn and try new things – just look at the growing attendance to ProBlogger Training Events each year.

Bloggers are supportive of each other, sharing their triumphs and setbacks to help others, a trait Mia Freedman would do well to learn.

I asked bloggers to look at the Mumbrella article where I read about Mia Freedman’s comments on blogs and common responses included –

“I’m surprised considering how much of her content is republished from “mummy” bloggers. Perhaps because bloggers aren’t running a publishing business with huge overheads they don’t need to walk away from the traditional means of blogging.”

“Brands recognise traditional bloggers still capture an audience and often get more value for dollar as their audience is loyal and targeted.”

Niche blogs will continue to attract new audiences if they continue to deliver good content. Simple as that. And interestingly niche blogs make up the majority of the top ten most influential blogs in catablog.com.au.

Sorry Mia .. bloggers simply don’t need your website to stay relevant … they’re managing that without you.

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