So your ranking is not what you hoped it would be? Let us explain!

We’ve had a lot of questions about the rankings, and the ranking system used here at CataBlog – everything from “can we see the formula” to “why is my Blog not listed where I thought it would be”.  We can’t be here to please everyone, but wanted to put our responses out here in the open for those who might be wondering.

What’s interesting is the very simple fact that everyone’s perception of what makes a blog “successful” is different.  Similarly, many people have differing views of what method, what data and just how anyone might choose to rank one blog alongside another..

Remember, CataBlog is about connecting Brands, PR agencies and Bloggers – so our focus has always been on what brands are after when it comes to blogger outreach.

Will we share our formula?  No.  Do we think we are Google – not sharing our algorithm? No, but like Google – the algorithm we use is a vital part of our business, so we won’t be sharing it in full – however, we’re happy to make it clear just what counts and what works for people in getting to the top of the charts here on the CataBlog directory.

Several people have mentioned Alexa rankings, and wonder why they rank well on Alexa, but not on Catablog – well, the answer is simple – we don’t know what your blog traffic is (yet).

Alexa is great, but flawed for the purpose of PR and Brand outreach.  For advertisers, perhaps knowing the total (estimated) traffic to a blog or website is great, an advertiser then knows what total impressions might be available, and what they might be worth.

However, for a brand, looking for exposure for a product or service, the savvy will know that no single post, no single review, no single mention will ever reach the total estimated (Alexa) figure, or the total actual (Google Analytic/Neilsen) figure.

These figures which look at web traffic, look at whole of site traffic.  This often favours those blogs that have been around for longer (more articles in total) and those who post more often.

Think for a moment – if every article you’d ever posted got 10 views per day – what would your total site traffic be in one given day.  Big.  Now imagine that for the biggest or longest running sites.  It’s great, but it doesn’t help a brand get exposure.

Like it or not, what matters to brands and PR agencies for the most part today – is engagement. And social engagement at that.

Some topics, some blogs – they don’t want for, or elicit much in the way of comments.  But look at their shares, comments and likes on Facebook and you might start to see how their audience is engaged (or not as the case may be).

As we’ve said, we look at “Reach” with total audiences on social channels, as well as engagement via services like Klout or post and topic engagement on Facebook.  Together and mathematically challenged into a formula, these things make up the CataBlog ranking system.

We’ve said from the start – this is just the beginning.  Soon we’ll make available a web traffic monitoring system to help challenge the accepted norms of audience estimates, and focus on audiences by post and article.  This will help everyone in the community get the most from what they are doing.


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