Top Ten Blogs (21 July 2014) – more categories

We have more top ten blogs to tell you about … this time in Business & Finance, Health & Fitness, Beauty, Art & Craft, Design, Home Living & Real Estate.

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The 10 most popular blogs in the category of BUSINESS and FINANCE are :

  1. David Koch
  2. Flying Solo
  3. Leaders In Heels
  4. Just Creative
  5. Trevor Young PR Warrior
  6. Woman
  7. Sam Cawthorn
  8. Women In Business
  9. Samara Magazine
  10. Women’s Agenda
  11. Smart Company

The top 10 blogs in HEALTH and FITNESS are :

  1. Behind Ballet
  2. Fit ‘N’ Flexed
  3. Sophie Guidolin
  4. JDFR Type 1 Diabetes Blog
  5. Lisa Curry
  6. Carly Findlay
  7. Nat Kringoudis’ Fertilise Yourself
  8. Life in the Fast Lane
  9. The Holistic Ingredient
  10. Suzie Cheel

The top 10 blogs in BEAUTY are :

  1. Beauty Swatch
  2. Violet Le Beaux
  3. Styling You
  4. Rebecca Judd Loves
  5. Live Shop Travel
  6. They All Hate Us
  7. Beauty Heaven
  8. Sharon The Makeup Artist
  9. SoNailisicous
  10. Fox In Flats

The top 10 blogs in ART and CRAFT are :

  1. Craft Gossip
  2. Violet Le Beaux
  3. Learn With Play At Home
  4. Just Creative
  5. Samelia’s Mum
  6. Suzie Cheel
  7. Retromummy
  8. The Finders Keepers
  9. Emma Jean Jansen
  10. Chris W Designs

The top 10 blogs in DESIGN, HOME LIVING and REAL ESTATE are :

  1. The Organised Housewife
  2. Real Estate Blog
  3. Recycled Interiors
  4. Eat Drink Chic
  5. A Beach Cottage
  6. The Design Files
  7. Trish Hunter Vintage and Lifestyle Blog
  8. Property Observer
  9. Shaynna Blaze
  10. Made From Scratch

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