Video Content Building Business But Only if You Humanise It

Think about this.

Richard Branson has 7.48 million followers on twitter yet the total followers for all his companies combined, on the same social platform, reach about 1.4 million.

It shows we want to hear what the person has to say more than the business. It’s the personal story people remember.

Social Entrepreneur Roger Hamilton made some valid points about information overload and how to get heard through all the noise at his recent Fast Forward Your Business Seminar in Melbourne.

He believes the number one currency is trust and the best way to earn that trust is to share valuable content that’s interesting enough others will want to share it.

Video content, both pre-recorded and live will build communities if brands humanise that content. Let staff and customers tell the story of your business. Don’t be too polished. Be authentic and people will come to you.

Gideon Shalwick, Sue Papadoulis, Steven and Corinna Essa, Therese Kerr sharing their knowledge at Roger Hamilton's Fast Forward Your Business Event

Gideon Shalwick, Sue Papadoulis, Steven and Corinna Essa, Therese Kerr sharing their knowledge at Roger Hamilton’s Fast Forward Your Business Event


Gideon Shalwick, who spoke at the event, has built over 200,000 email subscribers for his own brands. He believes a killer strategy for business is to post pre-recorded video content, a paid boost as well as live content.

Gideon admits many people have a fear of being on camera and the reason why is because they have a mirror image of themselves in their head which is not the same as what they see on camera.

He says we see ourselves most in the mirror but that image is flipped on camera and our subconscious mind freaks out when we see it.

The best way to overcome that fear is to record ourselves and watch it over and over and over again and retrain our subconscious to accept what we look and sound like.

He believes it will be those who present well in live video content that will rule the internet in years to come.

Another way for others to hear you over the all the noise is to be part of a movement like Therese Kerr, who wants to transform health in one generation.

She is without doubt, one of the most passionate people I’ve heard speak on stage.

Co-founder of The Divine Company, and one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women and an Organic Industry Leader … she wants people to be aware of the chemicals in beauty products and take a holistic approach to our health.

People don’t realise, well I certainly didn’t, hand sanitisers are full of chemicals that go straight into your blood stream and children today are born with as many as 200 synthetic chemicals in them. Those chemicals are from products we put onto our skin and even the toothpaste we put into our mouth.

When building a personal brand Therese also believes being real and authentic is most important of all.

Sue Papadoulis who teaches businesses how to get their story into the media, says there is a lot of power in vulnerability.

Everyone has their highs and lows and its important to share the lows as much as the highs as people will relate and be drawn to you.

She warns against talking about your business instead talk about the problems you can solve or the trends in your industry.

Also if you can, live stream your events like Roger did. He had 300 people at his Melbourne event but as many as 4,000 from around the world tuning into to watch it live on the net.

Futurist and Social Entrepreneur Roger Hamilton

Futurist and Social Entrepreneur Roger Hamilton

We live in an amazing world where we can connect and engage with anyone who has access to the net.

Corinna and Steven Essa, who are web entrepreneurs encourage us not to over complicate things when building an audience of potential customers. Give loads of good information so the more great content you give away the more you will sell. Think 80 percent free content 20 percent sales.

It made me think about bloggers – the reason they are so successful is because they’re authentic, passionate and always giving us great content to read, something businesses are now learning to do.


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