Want to be Interviewed on Radio – Bloggers Here’s How

A lot of bloggers I know have a great story to tell or opinion to share and they do, but most of the time it’s just on the internet. It’s time to extend your reach to the airwaves. But how do you get on radio?

Radio Studio Shots-68There are two ways – either by interview that’s pre-arranged with the topic and time locked in or by joining the discussion as a talkback caller.

Start by listening to different radio shows and think about their key audience and topics they cover.

Decide which radio show would be interested in your story idea as it suits their audience and approach them.

Radio Studio Shots-19Ring radio reception and ask who the Executive Producer is for that show and get their email address.

Email them first and keep it brief.

Tell them “I have a story that might interest your audience. It is about (eg. The top ten beaches in Australia). Attach a press release or tell them more information briefly in the email with factual points and your opinion.

Tell them you will call tomorrow to discuss and let them know they can reach you anytime on the number given and that you are available for interview.

Radio Studio Shots-2It doesn’t have to be your own story everytime. You can offer yourself for interview if it is a story you can comment on with some authority.

For example there might be a big story about contaminated imported frozen food and your food blog has looked at the lack of quarantine in imported goods as well as the benefits of cooking with only fresh produce and supporting local farmers. You could offer yourself for interview by emailing the radio show’s E.P.

If there is a discussion on radio about a topic you are familiar with, you can ring the openline and ask to join the discussion on air. You must do that straight away because the discussion will move to another topic.

When you do go on radio keep those nerves at bay, make sure you add colour, stay on message and don’t have just “yes” and “no” answers.

You won’t get on radio every time you try, but you will get to know the radio shows producers and you will get an idea of what they will go for and what they won’t.

And one more tip – don’t ring a producer to discuss your story idea when the show is on air because they are busy. Ring just after the program has finished for the day.

Good Luck!

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