Which Bloggers Do Brands Love Working With?

One of the things I love about working at Catablog is being able to hear first hand about the success of brands and bloggers working together.

I’ve asked some of our brands, who are using Catablog, to tell me which blogger they love working with and why.

Here’s what they had to say ..

“We love working with Stuff Mums Like for a number of reasons. They are easy to work, efficient but most importantly understand our brand.” – Jeanswest

Blue Planet PR felt the same way about Maraya Bell from Stuff Mums Like – she’s friendly, accommodating, creative and funny. Always a pleasure to work with.”

“I’ve worked with Claire Fabb from Style By Yellow Button – she was professional, helpful and completely commercial. A dream to work with and a great outcome for our client and their brand.” News Corp

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Be a Fun Mum because she is really responsive, was very quick to write a detailed and honest review (with her own pictures) and kept me updated regularly throughout the whole process.” Wordstorm PR

YTravelBlog because they are able to balance how to work with a client without compromising what their readers want to see. And they are lovely to deal with.” Mantra Group


“We have worked with Nathan McCallum from Bangarang on several occasions and have been delighted with the awareness his posts have generated for the brand. Nathan’s Instagram profile has a great aesthetic which perfectly embodies our brand values; he is genuine, talented and has a unique sense of style. He also has the skills and creativity to promote brands on social media without appearing to be overly contrived.” – Aquila

“Penelope Herbert who blogs at Don’t Call Me Penny is wonderful to work with, incredibly professional and very accommodating.” She Lion

Here at Catablog we’re thankful for the honest feedback and guidance from Jo at Quirky Cooking, and Caz and Craig from Y Travel Blog as well as Amanda from Adventures All Round.

It doesn’t take much for bloggers to develop a strong bond with a brand – be friendly, efficient, professional and have the ability to work with a client without compromising what readers want to see.

I look forward to hearing more stories of success between brands and bloggers.


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Loved by Brands.

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